3M Peltor Helmet Mounted Optime 95 Hearing Protectors


The Optime 95 ear muffs from Peltor will fit most hard hats and helmets including Kask Plasma, Petzl Vertex, and the Peltor Lumberjack System.

Cream in color

NRR 21 dB


The Optime 95 is very versatile protection, characterized by its lightness. Despite being so lightweight, it’s the best imaginable protection. Peltor has combined a low profile with generous inside depth. This makes it easy to team with other equipment and means that the ear rests comfortably. The Optime 95 is the natural choice when you need to use all-round protection for both short and long spells. It is first-rate for use in environments with moderate industrial noise, such as workshops, sheet-metal shops and printing works, but can also be used to good effect outdoors, for instance when mowing the lawn or in connection with hobby and leisure activities.

The lightweight Optime 95 muff features very low profile ear cups that fit well with most helmets, eyewear and other safety equipment. It is a comfortable choice that can provide effective protection, especially against the high-frequency noise associated with many work areas and functions including machine shops and power tools.


  • Attachments for almost all hard hats
  • The protector can be set in the working, airing or park position.
  • Patented liquid & foam-filled cushions for better seal and lower pressure
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Wide ear cushions for comfort
  • Padded, wide headband for extended wear
  • Stainless steel headband wires
  • Four-point suspension to help distribute cushion pressure evenly
  • Recommended for noise levels up to 95 dBA
  • NRR 21 dB
  • Twin cup design minimizes resonance, thus achieving maximum high and low frequency attenuation
  • CSA Class A
  • Standard ANSI 53.19-1974
Manufacturer Part Number: 7000052743
IA: 0-0-13
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