About Us

Arbsession, Inc is about you and your goals of building a successful career within this tree care industry. It’s about keeping everything that makes your job safer and easier IN STOCK and available at the best possible price.

I started Arbsession, Inc because I saw the change in the arborist supply industry from amazing customer service to terrible customer service. Owning a tree service myself, I know how important customer interaction and communication is to a successful company. Providing amazing customer service takes a team of skilled team members specializing in every avenue of that particular business.

With Arbsession, Inc we have a team of amazing people! One specializes in ecommerce and inventory management. Our office manager knows everything about accounting. We even have an in house splicer that strives to make sure every splice is up to industry standards. For myself, I am the arborist that loves this industry and what it stands for. My personal goal is to get you to the next level, a step up of sorts within your tree related career. Yes we sell arborist supplies but our main focus is you our loyal customers and the excitement you bring.


Casey Selner

Owner of Arbsession, Inc

Board Certified Master Arborist, WI-0838B

My wife Rachel, our daughter and myself. December 2019.

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