ArbPro 2019 EVO 2 Tree Climbing Boots

As low as $248.95

The ArbPro EVO 2 climbing boots are a favorite among arborists worldwide for their slim and light build. The slim shape and the custom made high grip Vibram® sole with 'climbing zone' tip offers optimal grip in every situation, even on narrow crotches. The upper is made of premium quality leather with a rubber profile and the Event membrane offers maximum breathability and water resistance. Newly updated to the EVO 2, these boots now offer better ankle support, durability improvements, and a more comfortable fit.

Choose a size below:

Weight: 1.55 lbs per boot (depending on size)

Upper: premium quality Perwanger leather with rubber reinforcement profile

Lining: Event® 4 Layer Waterproof fabric + leather

Sole: Vibram® New Mulaz 'High Grip' with 'Climbing Zone'

Midsole: Nylon 1 mm

Source: Italy


New improvements:

  • 25mm higher ankle support with a softer yet higher pad
  • Stronger stitching
  • Reinforced lacing system
  • Aesthetics upgrade
  • Includes a loop attachment point for devices such as the HAAS (not PPE)

Important Warranty Information:  These boots carry a full warranty against factory defects. It is important to understand that Arbpros are designed for tree climbing. They can be used for ground work, but will not last as long as standard soles when used for long periods on hard surfaces. The soles are designed softer than standard work boots to offer maximum grip while tree climbing. The boots are not warrantied against normal wear that occurs while working in them.

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