ART Positioner with Swivel


The absolute ultimate in lanyard adjusting devices. The ART Positioner with swivel is hands down the best device for your lanyard system. The device can be adjusted with little effort from the user, and can be adjusted while loaded making this device unlike anything else on the market.  

For 11mm to 13mm lines.


Meets ANSI Standard

ABS:  23kN

Rope Capacity:  11 - 13mm

Source:  Germany

  • Swivel eye connection version.
  • The swivel prevents the device from twisting on the rope.
  • The swivel allows for comfortable handling in about every possible situation.
  • Works on rope lanyards or steel core flip lines with a rope cover.
  • All parts of the Positioner can be replaced.

Can also be installed on a wire core flipline with the addition of the wire core(silver in color) clutch.

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