Courant Odin



After 3 years of constant fine tuning Courant is proud to announce the new version of the Olik openable ring which answers to the name; Odin! It is made from high resistant stainless steel and the size and certification allows the connection of a large number of pieces of equipment in different sizes and setups. 

It opens like a normal karabiner but in a sideways direction, and together with the specially designed keylock gate it assures minimal force is applied to the locking screw. The screw has a spring ball system with a thread lock to securely fix the gate before use.

Certification: CE EN362

  • Outside diameter: 75mm
  • Inside diameter: 47mm
  • Gate opening: 18mm
  • Weight: 130gram
  • Static resistance: 25kN

Reference: RMQXANOD

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