Dan House Rope Sleeve

As low as $24.95

Dan House devised this Anaconda cambium saver for use in DRT climbing to protect both the rope and the tree from abrasion during a climb. It is easy to install from the ground. It will bend around a limb as small as 6" thick. Made of flexible conduit with a protective ferrule at each end. This original version is made by Dan House and company in the USA.


  • 1/2" x 18" is commonly used with lanyards
  • 1/2" size can be used with 7/16" rope or smaller
  • 3/4" size can be used with 1/2" rope or smaller
  • 3/4" size will pass a tight eye splice
  • Units are taped to ensure proper setting and promote longer wear

Warranty: Two year "No Questions Asked" because they are so tough!

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