Samurai 13" (330mm) Taisho Boss Curved Replacement Blade


GCW331LMH 13" (330mm) Tri-Edge Tapered Samurai Taisho (BOSS) Hand Saw Replacement Blade

This blade is a replacement blade for Samurai's Taisho (BOSS) arborist saw the GCW330LMH. The use of a blade with a tapered profile and teeth that do not have conventional "set" achieves a very fast cutting blade because of it's efficiencies in creating a narrow kerf where much less wood is removed with each cut. Tapered blades are much more flexible and should be used with finesse rather than with brute strength. The Samuraitaisho (BOSS) saw is like having two saws in one. The first 4” of this blade are cut with smaller 3mm teeth while the remainder of theblade has fast cutting 4mm teeth. This 13” hand saw has the same smooth cutting performance as our Ichiban Series with the bonus of dual tooth size.

Manufacture: Samurai
Length: 13"
Teeth per inch: 6.35 & 8.50
Hardening: Impulse
Mount: Replacement Handsaw only.

Fits Hand Saw Model #: GCW331LMH

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