Teufelberger Pulley Saver Retrieval Cone Small

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Retrieval cone for cambium saver

The DMM Retrieval Cone is used with cambium savers.

TEUFELBERGER stands for quality down to the smallest detail. This is why the new retrieval cones supplied by DMM have now taken the place of the previously used balls. Thus, the DMM Retrieval Cone is a replacement part and enhancement for our products such as the pulleySAVER, the fImblSAVER, the fImblCLIMB, the multiSAVER and the multiANCHOR. 

Their optimized shape and two different sizes guarantee the safe retrieval of cambium savers. The yellow cone goes well with the pulleySAVER and the fImblCLIMB, while the red cone fits all other TEUFELBERGER products.

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