Arbsession Rig and Ring Small


The Arbsession Rig and Ring 9/16" is a light to medium duty rigging point using a #1 and #2 rigging thimble. The Rig and Ring can be installed and retrieved from the ground.

The Rig and Ring is a simple, robust solution that is extremely strong. Because of its straightforward design and no moving parts this is a no-brainer for every type of rigging scenario.

This product is built with super high-quality Elevation Canada Rigging Thimbles.

  • MBS: 15,000 lbs (in basket configuration)
  • Cordage: 9/16" Atlantic Braids
  • Length:  4'
  • Weight:  0.37 lbs
  • Hardware: #1 and #2 Elevation Canada Rigging Thimble
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