Arbsession Triple Ring Sling 3/4" tREX


Made with Elevation Canada Rigging Thimbles and Teufelberger tREX this Triple Ring Sling is built for improved bend radius. 


Only for crotches. Increased bend radius and friction by combining three rings. This triple ring version is retrievable from the ground.

Our splicers get to show off their creative skills with this product. The multiple-ring configurations are works of art. The Benefits of multiple rings is that you can combine the rings to give yourself a primary rigging point. When using larger diameter ropes a single ring does not give you enough bend radius for a primary rigging point, but two or more rings do. 

Finished length: 5 feet

Made with the following items:

  • Teufelberger 3/4" tREX
  • (1) #3 Elevation Canada Rigging Thimble
  • (2) #2 Elevation Canada Rigging Thimble 


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