Arbsession pocketSLING 3/8"


This 3/8" version of the Arbsession pocketSLING (otherwise heard as Ultra Sling) offers a lightweight and easily adjustable rigging option. The larger terminal eye can be girthed directly to an Rock Exotica Omni 1.5. 2.0, or 2.6 pulley. With the larger eye you can pretty much girth it to a variety of smaller pulleys or hardware.


  • Made with super strong 3/8" Atlantic Braids Hollow Braid
  • Designed and tested for use in choking configuration only
  • An 8" eye followed by (6) 6" pockets
  • 5' usable length
  • 7' total length
  • MBS is 5,000 lbs in choked configuration
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