Buckingham Screw & Dowel Gaffs

As low as $69.95

Buckingham replaceable dowel & screw gaff.

For titanium and steel climbers. Easy to change out.


Product Number: NB9306 N9206A
Product Name: Replaceable Dowel & Screw Tree Gaff Replaceable Dowel & Screw Pole Gaff
Material: Steel Steel
Gaff Attachment Type: Dowel & Screw Dowel & Screw
Gaff Angle: 23 degrees 16 Degrees
Weight: 0.21 lbs. .12 lbs.
Length: 2.75″ 1.75"
For Use With: All titanium and steel replaceable gaff tree climbers T/TB/SB replaceable pole climbers
Made In USA?: Yes Yes
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