Courant Squir Yellow

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Designed especially for SRT and/or use as an access line, Courant has re-developed our low stretch 32-strand 11.5mm diameter Squir rope with a more durable but still flexible sheath. Its low stretch (less than 2% elongation) ensures that the bounce effect is kept to a minimum when ascending the tree.

The rope is heat treated in the factory for greater stability, and the sheath protects against wear from sharp toothed cam ascenders. The Squir retains its roundness while descending. 


  • Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Materials / construction: 32-strand
  • Polyester sheath with X-Braid

Polyamide core

  • Static resistance: 30kN
  • Resistance with figure of 8 knot: 21kN
  • Mass per meter: 91gram
  • Sheath percentage: 43%
  • Sheath slippage: 0.2%
  • Elongation 50 / 150Kg: 2%
  • Knotability: 0.74
  • Retraction with water: 1.5%


  • Red MJ100RZC+++
  • Yellow MJ100JZC+++

Certification: CE EN1891-A

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