Edelrid Direction Up 13mm

As low as $154.95

Voluminous, easy to grip tree surgery rope with a particularly high proportion of sheath. The perfect balance of a wear resistant 24-strand polyester sheath and a 16-strand polyamide braided core makes this rope excellent for splicing.

Important: The cover on most new double braid ropes will stretch during the first few weeks of use. The excess cover should be cut off. For this reason we don't recommend putting two eyes on a brand new double braid rope.


  • Braided core for maximum durability and high edge stability
  • Twined and shrunk sheath construction for maximum abrasion resistance and minimal shrinkage
  • Bright colours ensure good visibility
  • “Direction” arrows provide better orientation
  • Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
  • Sheath texture ensures a sure grip


  • Load capacity Figure of Eight [Kn]: 18
  • Diameter [mm]: 13,00
  • Knotability: 1,00
  • Sheath proportion [%]: 60,00
  • Weight [g/m]: 114,00
  • Schrinkage H20 [%]: 0,80
  • Static elongation [%]: 3,4
  • Load capacity [Kn]: 34
  • country of origin: Germany
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