Notch Rope Runner Pro


Notch Rope Runner Pro is the next evolution of inventor Kevin Bingham's original concept: A mechanical device that applies friction at three points along the rope for a secure hold and the world's smoothest descent.



The Notch Rope Runner Pro is the result of years of work by Kevin and the Notch Equipment team to improve the industry's most popular SRT Device.


  • Approved for SRS or MRS climbing
  • Mid-line attachable
  • Improved rounded top for comfortable one hand descent
  • Multiple friction settings
  • Concave shaped steel bollards allow smoother descent, reducing “break in” period
  • One-piece design with Slic Pin retention
  • Enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges
  • Integrated SRS central ascent harness attachment point
  • Improved sealed ball bearings pulley
  • Rope compatibility: 11 to 13mm diameter
  • Engineered by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham
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Manufacturer Notch
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