Samurai 16" Ichiban (400mm) Blade Only


GC401LH 16" (400mm) Tri-Edge Tapered Samurai Ichiban Pole Saw & Hand Saw Replacement Blade

This blade is a dual mount blade and is the replacement blade for Samurai's flagship arborist saw the GC401LH. The use of a blade with a tapered profile and teeth that do not have conventional "set" achieves a very fast cutting blade because of it's efficiencies in creating a narrow kerf where much less wood is removed with each cut. Tapered blades are much more flexible and should be used with finesse rather than with brute strength.

Manufacture: Samurai
Length: 13" Teeth per inch: 5.62
Hardening: Impulse
Mount: Dual

Fits Hand Saw Model #: GC400LH

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