Samurai 13in Daichi (330mm) Jet-Cut w/raker Pole or Replace

GKC331LH 13" (330mm) Samurai Daichi Curved Replacement Blade

This saw blade features a tooth design that yields a consistent resistance through the entire curvature of the cutting blade. This uniform resistance promotes full strokes. The taper ground surface and precision controlled impulse tooth hardening, make this saw excel in performance and durability. The Daichi has deep gullets and raker teeth. The deep gullets carry cutting debris out of the kerf and the aggressive raker teeth enable this saw to fly through soft and medium density woods. Includes scabbard as shown.



Manufacture: Samurai

Length: 13"

Teeth per inch: 6.35

Hardening: Impulse

Fits Hand Saw Model #: GCK330LH 

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