Fiddle Block Set


Get mechanical advantage with this 5:1 pulley system. The upper block has an integrated cam device to hold progress of rope. The mechanical advantage you generate with this set will help lift the heaviest of loads.

Included: 75' of 16 strand rope (sewn eye).

Installation of Rope:

To set up locate the upper block (it is the one with the cam and lower pin anchor) and lay it on the ground with the cam facing to the right. Take the lower block and lay it below. Please note the small metal shackles should be opposite (on the outsides). Remove the pin of the upper block. Take the spliced end of the rope and slide the pin inside the spliced eye and install on the upper block. Take the tail of the rope and feed it into the right side of the lower blocks inside most pulley. Then the tail of the rope goes back to the upper blocks lower pulley from left to right. Then feed the tail back down to the lower blocks outer most double pulley feeding from right to left. The tail of the rope then goes back up to the upper block working left to right on the double pulley and down through the cams on the right.

See Image Diagram for any additional help.


  • Anodized aluminum "Uni-Body" frame
  • Hard anodized aluminum sheaves with non-corroding Delrin ball bearings
  • The triple sheave system separates the rope to reduce chaffing (rope rubbing)
  • ABS of 10,000 lbs.
  • WLL: 1,000 lbs
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