Swarfega Duck Oil 4oz Bottle


Swarfega Duck Oil 4oz Bottle

The best choice for sticky gate mechanisms of carabiners.

Better than graphite!

How many carabiners can this 4oz bottle clean and lube? Lets do the math....

4oz= 118.3mL

50 drops per mL based on the 1.5 mL pipette (included with purchase)

Which means our 4oz container has about 5,914.7 drops, divide that by 3 drops (average number to free up a carabiner) you would SAVE a minimum of 1,971 carabiners!

 From a Treemagineer:

First off: What kind of duck, you may be asking yourself? Good question.

The answer is, it really depends. You can simply go with American black ducks or green-winged teals. The discerning lubricator and connoisseur may prefer the red-breasted merganser or even a lesser scaup, depending on what effect he or she is aiming to achieve.

Righhhhht… so how do you get to the oil from there, you ask?

Well, I had a vision of big, burly Sumo wrestler-type men clad in loin cloths tramping on vats filled with aforementioned ducks in order to squeeze every last bit of oil out of them (ugh, as I am writing this I am realizing this is actually rather an off-putting thought).

In actual fact, Duck Oil is a lubricant manufactured by Swarfega, which is – to quote their blurb – a silicone-free, non-conductive, multi-purpose service spray. Exceptionally low surface tension means it can easily penetrate, lubricate and protect with no need to dismantle machinery and parts.

- Credit Mark Bridge "treemagineers blog post" from January 12, 2016


Click here to watch Nick Araya's video on Duck Oil

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