epiCORD 9.3mm Sewn Eye to Eye

As low as $25.95

epiCORD is the latest hitchcord in the TEUFELBERGER range. 

Sewn eyes are stitched by the experts at Arbsession, Inc.

Choose a length.

epiCORD has a tight cover of polyester and technora which gives it the necessary heat resistance but is flexible enough to let you tie hitches easily. The core of epiCORD is a blend of technora and dyneema braided in a special balance that allows your hitch to release when you need it to. Sewn eyes by the experts at Arbsession. Several lengths available.


Diameter: 9.3mm (11/32")

Weight [g/m]: 59.5

Weight [lbs/100']: 4.0

Min. Breaking strength [daN]: 3,425

Min. Breaking strength [lbs]: 7,700

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