Teufelberger multiANCHOR

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Cambium saver and basal anchor.

The multiANCHOR is a cambium saver with international certification, which is suited for multifunctional anchoring use.

The Teufelberger multiANCHOR is a cambium saver with international certification. It is a tree care tool designed for use in various anchoring scenarios. Thus, the multiANCHOR can be used as a basal anchor, on the one hand, while it constitutes an excellent addition to conventional cambium savers, on the other hand. When installed as a basal anchor, multiANCHOR’s main benefit is that it enables a ground-based and lowerable ascent system. Therefore, if a rescue becomes necessary, the injured or incapacitated person can be lowered by a rescuer standing on the ground.

An anchor construction installed up in the tree can be configured in two possible ways:

  1. As a Y anchor on 2 limbs, the anchor point centering itself via the ring. Here, in the case of potentially unreliable anchor points, the load is applied to 2 limbs.
  2. As a Y anchor with 2 redundantly secured anchor points. This configuration provides the safety of a second anchor point in the event that a limb breaks. 

For putting together the above systems, the following extra items are needed:

  • Basal anchor: Sirius Loop
  • Compensating anchor: ringLOOP 26
  • Redundant anchor: 2 x ringLOOP 34, 1 x ringLOOP 26

The multiANCHOR can be enhanced by the ringLOOP, and, of course, our Retrieval Cone L can be exchanged.

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