Arbsession Ultra Sling 5/8" for Rigging Blocks

The Arbsession Ultra Sling for Rigging Blocks offers a unique way for anchoring rigging blocks. Innovative design offers a no hassle, no-slide, no knot method for anchoring your favorite rigging block or pulley.

Features 6 separate 6" pockets, the Arbsession Ultra Sling for Rigging Blocks allows arborists to simply wrap the Ultra Sling around the limb and then pass the pulley through the most convenient pocket.


  • 5/8" Atlantic Braids Hollow Braid
  • MBS: 18,000 LBS (Choked configuration)
  • Will fit most smaller blocks
    • Exceptions CMI RP146 (1" Blue), ISC RP57 (Yellow), DMM Impact Large
  • 6 consecutive 6" Pockets
  • 6' Usable length
  • 7' Overall Length
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